Note: I no longer do paranormal investigations

A few photos from some of my investigations

Home of Linda Goodman in Cripple Creek

Inner door leading to basement in home of famous astrologer / author Linda Goodman, warning prior to entry

Folders found in Linda Goodman's Cripple Creek house basement. These concern her missing daughter, Sally. (they were empty)

The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO (Room 401, concert hall, billiard room, Lucy's room)

Old Teller County Jail Museum in Cripple Creek

City Auditorium in Colorado Springs

Service tunnels in basement of Old Train Depot in Colorado Springs

Room of a paranormal prostitute at the Fairplay Hotel, Fairplay, CO

Sacramento's most famous ghost, May Woolsey

Flying creature encountered in Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs

Commercial plane crash impact point

Folsom Cemetery, Folsom, CA

Old mining area and relocated burial plots in California



Photos by Mike Coletta